Just simple housewife who also happens to be an artist, primarily of the furry variety, but I dabble.

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For those who don't know me personally or haven't gotten the chance to get to know me, IRL I'm quite a traditional, conservative person. The more observant of you are probably thinking "wait, traditional/conservative, yet she draws lewds?" Yes and that's actually the reason for this update. I stared drawing lewd art a few years ago for a close friend because at the time I really didn't care all that much, it was just a job for me. But over the past year it's been weighing on me as something that feels dirty and I know conflicts with my life values. I've hesitated to change because frankly lewds are gold in the furry fandom, you're slashing your market in half or less if you don't draw them and I don't want to disappoint people who already know me for drawing NSFW art. But it's finally weighing on my heart enough that it isn't something I can continue long term.

So, starting in 2023, I will no longer be taking NSFW commissions. I'll continue to take them through the rest of this year, and anyone who has a slot reserved with me at the end of the year can still get one, but starting January 1st 2023 I have to be done doing NSFW commissions. I hope you all understand and I'm so grateful for you all. 💜

As always, you can follow my work and interact with me more on My Telegram Channel. I do not check art sites anymore, so Telegram or through My Website are the best ways to get in touch with me.

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